+ What will the future require from the Erie Boulevard corridor?

+ Is the Erie Boulevard of today obsolete? Can the boulevard of tomorrow be a force that positively catalyzes more than a region’s economy?

+ How can the Erie Canalway Trail help inspire quality of life and community through design?

+ How can the Erie Canalway Trail become an ecological corridor while simultaneously providing social, recreational, transportation, and urban programing along its length?

Successful submissions will address these questions at one or all of the four sites on various scales--from the urban boulevard, to the typical block, to the specific intervention (more detail below). Submitted ideas may be discreet or robust, including anything from new sidewalk materials, street signage, and innovative urban bike lanes to new roadway configurations and plans for reintroducing rural ecologies into the urban environment. Entrants are encouraged to address not only the boulevard's built environment, but the natural, cultural, social, and economic environments as well.

Background information about the “corridor” and the proposed sites is available for download on the competition website so that entrants may familiarize themselves with the specific challenges and the resources available.

The intention of the competition is to draw out the most advanced thinking about how transportation infrastructure, environmental systems, and recreation can be leveraged to repair environmental damage, promote economic growth, and bring together communities.