Suggested Drawings for Design Submissions:

+ Plan at urban scale

+ Plan at site scale  

+ Transverse section across sites

+ Perspective(s)

+ Supporting diagrams

+ Labels that identify elements

+ Written statement explaining how the proposal addresses the program

Suggested Elements for Written Submissions:

+ Sections clearly identifying specific responses to the program

Ideas should be conceptually legible

+ Submissions must be free of disciplinary jargon and accessible to laymen

+ Ideas must be supported by at least 1 image (sketch, diagram, photo collage, rendering, etc)

Format of Submissions

Teams and individuals are encouraged to submit proposals. All submissions must address the program at the Boulevard-scale as the primary site category. Beyond that, entrants may submit additional boards to multiple categories, increasing chances of recognition and being selected as a finalist. Each site submitted must be on a separate electronic board. So 1 board for the Boulevard and 1 additional board for each additional site. 

+ Categories are judged separately, so it is possible for a single entrant to win multiple categories.

+ Electronic board submissions must be sized at 24”x 36”, oriented vertically. If entrants are submitting a text-heavy proposal then they should be sized at 11” x 17” with supporting images taking up entire pages when possible. Alternatively, text submissions can be at 8.5” x 11” with images submitted separately to ensure high resolution for exhibition printing.

+ Preferred board format is PDF. 

+ Image files should be no larger than 5MB.

+ Judging is blind, so please keep names off the front of the board.  ADD a second board or page at the end of your submitted file that may be removed before submitting to the jury. This step is to ensure that submissions are always given proper credit in the future use of materials (exhibitions, publications, press, etc).  

+ All materials must be submitted through the website under SUBMISSIONS after registration.

Winning teams will be required to submit all supporting images as high resolution files separately for use in the exhibition, press releases, presentations, etc.