A Big thank you!

On Tuesday July 11, 2017, we released results from the public survey that was conducted from May to August of 2016 in association with the Elevating Erie International Ideas Competition. Over 1,200 surveys were completed, with over 3,800 visitors from 38 states and 50 countries around the globe. 

What did we learn from the survey?

We asked you all a lot of questions to help us to understand what future priorities might be for the Canal Corridor. Participants were asked to rank priorities for the corridor, answer survey questions related to those priorities, and also rank various images and concepts that we received through the competition.

We were truly excited by the volume and enthusiasm of your responses, so releasing the survey data in a series of simple graphs simply wouldn't do! Randy Hadzor of Variety Studios cooked up this intricate and fascinating take on the survey results, which we feel brings your responses to life. Take a few minutes and enjoy this visual treat! 


Thank you for your #BigIdeas

Check it out!