Governor Cuomo Proposes 750-Mile "Empire State Trail"

And we quote:

“We want to build the largest state multi-use trail in the nation: the Empire State Trail. It would go from New York City to the north country, right up to the Canadian border, from Albany to Buffalo: 750 miles. It would be a finished pathway that travels through our parks, our valleys, along our waterways, through our beautiful tourist destinations all across the state. You could run, you could bike, you could walk, you could do segments of it, you could make it an entire vacation. You would see some of the most beautiful parts of the state.”  - Governor Andrew Cuomo at the State of the State Address, SUNY Purchase, January 10, 2017

Uploaded by NYGovCuomo on 2017-01-10.

(Empire State Trail segment begins approx. at the 22-minute mark)

The Governor’s multi-day 2017 State of the State address generated lots of buzz in Central New York last week, and we’re still reeling from this one particularly exceptional announcement (maybe we’re a little biased!) It’s a huge win for us and for many trail advocates to see top-level State officials recognize the multitude of benefits trail networks offer, and view them as a serious economic driver. The Governor is proposing allocating $200 million over three years towards the completion of the “Empire Trail,” when completed it would be the longest continuous intrastate trail in the nation. The proposal still needs to make it through the state budget process – but it is a good sign that at the highest levels of New York State’s leadership that completing these major infrastructure investments are a priority!

“Residents and visitors would be able to cycle, run, walk year round, no motor vehicles… it would be a phenomenal activity center in our own backyard. Imagine what the longest trail in the country could actually do and how many people would come here to visit.” - Governor Cuomo

We’re looking forward to closing the gap here in Syracuse – this announcement brings us one step closer to that dream! Stay tuned….