Exploring Ideas

This morning we released the results from the public survey that was conducted as part of the Elevating Erie ideas competition. All in all we received over 1,200 completed surveys, with over 3,800 visitors from 38 states and 50 countries around the globe.

This tool was a critical component in soliciting feedback from the public on the design ideas that we received, helping to determine priorities for the corridor, and getting people excited about the future.

What did we learn?

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We asked you all a variety of questions to help us to understand what future priorities might be for the canal corridor. Participants were asked to rank priorities, answer survey questions related to those priorities, and also to rank various images and concepts that we received through the ideas competition.

Participants clearly indicated a preference for improved pedestrian and bicycle amenities along the boulevard as well as increasing connectivity and safety along the corridor through the use of protected bike lanes, reducing the pavement allocated to vehicles, and creating refuge areas for pedestrians. They also indicated that economic development along the corridor was a top priority – envisioning new investment in mixed-use nodes with new retail, office, and living opportunities.

Participants were given the opportunity to rank some of the ideas that were received through the ideas competition. A clear preference was shown for developing a median greenway along the corridor that would provide for protected bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure – this greenway would follow the existing median footprint along Erie Boulevard East.

You were also drawn to the idea of revealing the canal in some way. We have identified multiple areas along the historical route of the canal through CNY where there are remnants of the Erie Canal that we are looking to make investments in to reconnect to these pieces of our community’s heritage.

Thanks so much for sharing your #bigideas