Announcing Elevating Erie: SPANNING THE GAP

It is with great excitement that we announce the launch of ELEVATING ERIE: SPANNING THE GAP, a collaboration between the Town of DeWitt and City Lore, New York City's Urban Folklife Center. At the heart of Elevating Erie is a mission to unite the community through idea sharing - and this project provides a new platform to do so!

Part oral history project, part art installation, SPANNING THE GAP will kick off our first stakeholders meeting at DeWitt Town Hall on February 15th, 2017 at 2:00pm. We'll be discussing the existing 15-mile gap in the Erie Canalway Trail that spans across Syracuse from Camillus to DeWitt. Conversation will focus on the installation of trail markers intended to provide basic wayfinding for trail users while celebrating the Canalway's significant impact on the region. Along the way to developing the markers, we'll be collecting aspirational stories for the future of the gap, as well as how the gap came to be.

If you're curious what the markers will be or where they will be located - this is where YOU come in! Our invitation to this event (yes, it's free!) is open to the public, and we encourage all local history buffs, frequent trail users and other enthusiastic parties to come join the discussion. This will be an exciting opportunity to collaborate with historians, artists, and civic leaders as we explore the extraordinary range of possibilities for the Erie Canalway's future in Central New York!

Those interested in attending are encouraged to RSVP to Christine Manchester at the Town of DeWitt: 315-446-3910 x 137 or by email:

 Here's the official invite: