Four winners will be selected, one from each category. The winning team for the overall connector will receive a $3,000 cash award. Winning teams for the individual sites will each be awarded a new iPad Pro. Up to eight Honorable Mentions will be selected.
Finalists will be specifically highlighted in an exhibition opening Spring 2016 at the Erie Canal Museum in Syracuse NY, discussed publically by the Jury at a gallery talk, and included in a forthcoming publication on the competition. All admissible entries will be displayed digitally during the exhibit and also displayed in an online gallery on the competition website.


The Competition Sponsors retain ownership of all of the materials submitted in the competition (see “Ownership and Copyright”) and as such, reserve the right to control where and how the submission is first published. Competitors may not release any images of their submission until after the formal press release from the sponsors around the time of the exhibition opening unless permitted by the sponsors in writing. This includes all media outlets, professional publications, and websites.

The results of the competition will be published online and via press release. In any publication or exhibition, the sponsors will make every effort to properly credit the authoring team. The sponsors further reserve the right to use the materials submitted in any publication or promotional endeavor in perpetuity, either in whole or in part, without additional compensation to the entrants participating in this competition.

The sponsors also retain the right to exhibit the competition entries—including premiated and non-premiated submissions—in whole or in part, at any point in perpetuity following the submission of the competition materials.

The current plan, which may be changed or altered without notice, is that Honorable Mention and Category Winners will be announced publicly with a press release and presented in a traveling exhibition that will open with a public “gallery talk” in spring of 2016 at the Erie Canal Museum in Syracuse.  The gallery talk will be a place for the Jury to publicly discuss the most compelling proposals. As a part of the opening, a companion publication will be released featuring the work of the winners, finalists, and other notable entries. Winners and finalists will receive a copy of the publication.  Plans are for the exhibition to travel to other communities along the canal and to be showcased at the 2017 World Canal Conference in Syracuse.


Following the initial public exhibition, ideas will be presented to City and Town officials to help guide future decisions regarding the design and development of the Erie Boulevard East corridor. 

Winning entries from the overall site, the bridge, and the branch will enter into the DeWitt Local Waterfront Revitalization Program report, thereby making them eligible for future state funding to design and implement.

Any entry idea (big and small) may be selected by the Town or City for further design study, pilot testing, or implementation. However, there is no guarantee that any contract will be awarded as the result of a submission. 

The City of Syracuse currently has Brownfield Opportunity Area funding available to support advancing competition ideas from concept to schematic and beyond.

The Town of DeWitt currently has various sources of state and local funding available to pursue capital projects at the DeWitt competition sites.


No partner or employee of any Jury member may participate in the competition, nor may any Jury member compete in association with, advise, or assist a competitor in any way. Similarly, no employee or family member of the town of Dewitt or city of Syracuse, may participate in this competition, advise, or assist a competitor in any way.

The Competition Advisor will disqualify any submissions that: are deemed late; fail to fulfill the stated competition requirements and posted revisions; are incomplete in any significant fashion; or contain any visual or written material on the display surfaces of the entry that are inappropriate in any way.

Teams participating in the competition who fail to observe the provisions in these rules will be declared ineligible, and the Jury shall be so informed by the Competition Advisor. The Competition Advisor's decision in respect to any such disqualification, and the potential forfeiture of any stipends/honoraria, shall be final and binding on all parties.